How You Got Here

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our baby items, knows they are getting a lovingly crafted item, worthy of the most loved babies.

Before I created Lily Razz, I used to purchase baby gifts for friends, but it was always hard to find something that wasn’t mass produced – which often meant lack of style, and more important, quality.


Then one day, I bought a plush toy for my friends baby. He had the plush in his hands for a few moments before the head came loose, exposing threads, filling and everything you do not want in a baby’s mouth. That’s when I decided I wanted to design baby items that were unique, engaging for little ones yet would exceed standards of quality above all other.
I was concerned that there weren’t many parents who’d like my creations. Or if they would, how would they find me? Or I them?
But then, after I had several friends continue to purchase from me, and other parents came to me just through word of mouth, I realized that I wanted to really give it a try.
I decided I set out to create the most captivating toys and nursery décor for the most imaginative children in the world.


It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.
Suppliers of eco friendly materials were hard to find and didn’t want to negotiate on price so I could sell the toys at a price point parents would happily agree too.
I decided that, for the time being, I would continue to work my daytime job so that I could invest in purchasing materials. I fell in love with 100% wool felt, which is an all-natural and eco-friendly fibre (read more about that on my FAQ Page)


Then I burned out from my daytime job. I felt as if I had lost everything. A steady income to grow Lily Razz, my credibility as a ‘normal’ and ‘functional’ human being. What was I going to do now?
I felt lucky that I still had a creative outlet. designing and making cute items for little ones made me feel happy inside, and the touch of the wool fabrics could be so comforting. Then One day, whilst working on a custom made item, I realized it made me so happy to create something for someone who truly appreciated it, a mom who was lovingly collecting the best baby items for her-soon-to-arrive baby.
From that day forward, I started fantasizing of how I could expand my (still very tiny) business into something substantial. The slogan ‘dream happy’ was born. My husband and I decided to invest part of our savings into materials because we really believed in this dream that we could create baby items that were unique, captivating, yet stylish and safe.


Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been just wonderful. It’s amazing to see that our products bring a sense of wonder into baby’s lives, and to see moms create their babies wonderland.




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