How You Got Here

From Toy Maker to Pattern Designer

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our dreamy patterns, knows they are creating a lovingly and happy item. Whether it’s a plush for your little one, or a Christmas ornament as a gift, you will be able to say ”Yes, I made this!”

Before I created Lily Razz Dreamy Patterns, I used to purchase baby gifts for friends, but it was always hard to find something that wasn’t mass produced – which often meant lack of style, quality and/or uniqueness.

Then one day, I bought a plush toy for my friends baby. He had the plush in his hands for a few moments before the head came loose, exposing threads, filling and everything you do not want in a baby’s mouth. That’s when I decided I wanted to design baby items that were unique, engaging for little ones.

It was fun at first, I worked hard, my orders started to come in and I was so excited to be selling my items internationally. However, in time learned that I only had so much time to create and that there was a limit to how much orders I could fulfill. I thought about selling patterns, but was anyone willing to create items themselves, with help from my patterns? I was concerned people wouldn’t be interested.

But then, after I had created patterns for a few of my plushies and put them up for sale, I received several orders from some lovely clients, and some of them even requested to purchase felt from me to create the plushies. They told me how they loved creating  themselves, that it was the perfect personal touch to a gift. I realized that I was on the right path after all.

I decided I set out to create the most captivating patterns for the most creative hand makers in the world.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

I had created a business based on selling physical items. The costs were different, the setup was different. I found out that it was a completely different market I was selling to. I basically had to start from scratch again.

But I decided I was going to slowly phase out my physical sales, whilst growing my digital pattern database.

I am still in the process of switching businesses. I released some new patterns and the response has been just wonderful. It’s amazing to see my patterns brought to life, and that people are proud to say ”Yes, I made this!”

Want to follow my journey of from toy maker to pattern designer? Find me here @LilyRazz

Want to see my patterns brought to life? Find me here @DreamyPatterns