2018 Nursery Trends

Do you have a little miracle on the way? These nursery decor trends will definitely inspire you create your babies wonderland!

These are some nursery designs trends you can check out if you want your little one’s nest to stay up-to-date with trending décor styles.


Bohemian decor is perfect for nurseries and kids rooms. The mix of interesting colors, textures and fabrics has a stimulating visual effect on babies. Overdoing it might become a bit too busy for a parents’ eyes, so we love that the trend is taking on a more subtle vibe. Go for accents like fringed tassels or pompoms, handmade wall hangings and combine with contemporary furniture with clean lines.

left : brepurposed.porch.com|| upper right: LilyRazz.com || lower right: LilyRazz.com


We are welcoming nature into our nurseries this year. Green works well for gender-neutral nurseries, and provides a natural, organic feel. Plants are a great way to add a fresh feel to your nursery, or introduce green through a soft rug. Think in natural textures, like soft cotton linens, wool, leather and even wood.

upper left: LilyRazz.com || lower left: pufikhomes.com || upper right: lynzyandco.com || lower right: greyandscout.com


While the focus is on neutrals and natural colors, there is always some room for a little glam. Choose silver or gold accents and wall art to fit a wide variety of styles. While these metallics carry a classic tone, they can also feel fresh and modern and fit with almost any color scheme.

upper left: LilyRazz.com || lower left: @projectnursery || upper right: matchsetlove.com || lower right: LilyRazz.com


While many nurseries are forgoing themes entirely, destinations continue to be a popular trend for nursery décor. There is virtually no limit to these themes, deep-sea focus with fish, turtles and other ocean décor; to a woodsy theme featuring trees and your favorite outdoor critters. So much to see for your little explorer-to-be.


upper left: artsypumpkin || lower left: ClaraLoo || upper right: designmag.fr || lower right: LilyRazz.com

Personalize & Picture

Letters and names have been gaining popularity, and this is a trend that is still going strong. Name plaques, signs, and banners will give your nursery a unique and personalized look. We also love to capture sweet moments and milestones with our little one.

upper left: LoveSupplyCo || lower left: matchsetlove.com || upper right: LilyRazz.com || lower right: MySignatureTimber

So, which nursery trend is your fave? Or will you be setting a whole new trend with your nursery? We’d love to hear from you!

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