2017 nursery trends

Whether your little one is still to come, or your redoing the nursery to fit the imagination of your toddler, you want it to be fun and functional.

Here are some nursery designs trends you can check out if you want your little one’s nest to stay up-to-date with trending décor styles.


Gentle hues will remain in trend in spring, with pale turquoise, soft terracotta, light grey, beige, and muted olive joining the trending tonal palette. For increased aesthetic interest, vibrant pops of color such as orange, dark green, gold, and wine red will be employed in the nursery as accents.

left : ohjoy.blogs || upper right: LilyRazz.com || lower right: theglitterguide.com


Last year we already saw the cactus had made it’s entrance. Who would have thought this thorny little sucker could be so cute! The cactus has come on strong and has officially kicked the arrow to the curb!

upper left: littleandluxe || lower left: LILYRAZZ.COM || upper right: wikipedia.org || lower right: @avestyles (instagram)


Boho vibes are still trending strong. In 2016, it was all about the Southwest, but this year our Boho trends have added a punch of glam. What really stands out are the textured wall hangings—woven, macrame, braided, feathers—it doesn’t matter. We love them all, and we see this trend continuing in 2017!

upper left : lilyrazz.com || lower left: @paigejonesphoto (ig) || right: moozle.com

So, which nursery trend is your fave? Or will you be setting a whole new trend with your nursery? We’d love to hear from you!